Dexter Pottinger: Jamaican activist found murdered in his home

It was with sad news that we learnt that the one and only Dexter, 3D, Pottinger passed away, brutally murdered in his own home in Kingston Jamaica last year. ( in 2017)

The Jamaican media/fashion celebrity was a person of remarkable achievements who originated, carved out and pushed forward niche opportunities in the creative and media world. Pottinger, a handsomely striking and tall young man was discovered by Saint International and he soon started modelling. He then turned his hand to fashion, designing  for several dancehall and corporate personalities. He formed many collaborations with dancehall artists including Beenie Man, Lady Saw & Ce’Cile and was also involved in “King of the Dancehall” movie (2016).

He was once said to have stated:

 “Once I’m travelling, I’m coming up with something big and crazy. Some people use the Internet to find inspiration, but for me, I have to see it for myself. I have to see the fabric and pull elements from the culture to put into a piece and bring it to life,”

If that was not enough he also gained additional fame as a judge on the Jamaican reality show, “Make Me a Star.”  He became the go-to person for a number of well known Jamaican reggae artistes, models and personalities He has often been described as having the most striking character, being bold, stylish, funny and very open –(what you was what you got).

Pottinger was not just a pretty face. It could be said that he was part of the social media age of this decade, part of an emerging phenomena, where it’s not enough to just be a top model  or celebrity but to be ‘woke’ to see oneself as being aware of ones own existance and using  a celebrity platform for activism.

As a gay man in Jamaica Pottinger trod where most dared not to.  He lived his authentic self.  He became the face of the Jamaica Forum of Lesbians, All-Sexuals and Gays’ Pride Week in 2016.  He was said to say

 “I hope that my participation will show members of J-FLAG that it is okay to come out in an atmosphere where there is no violence, realise that it’s your time to be part of the change—not just for the week but permanently as a part of the community”.

Pottinger was remembered as a renaissance man, a caring and compassionate soul, who encouraged others to be their authentic selves  An extensive part of Jamaica and the world has suffered a huge loss.



The London International Ska Festival  

Launched by Sean Flowerdew 30 years ago, the London International Ska Festival keeps growing year on year, bringing reggae fans from all over the globe to enjoy foundation Jamaican legends live on stage. Here’s just a sample of what’s on offer over the Easter weekend this year:

Easter Thursday, March 29th: The Clarendonians, Doreen Shaffer, Otis Gayle.

Good Friday, March 30th Derrick Morgan, Freddie Notes & more.

Easter Saturday: March 31st Ken Boothe, The Original Aces & more perform the Trojan Records songbook.

Easter Sunday: Horace Andy, Johnny Clarke & more.

And that’s not to mention the Thames River Cruise, already sold out, and more events, parties, and artists than you can shake a stick at. Plus one-off events throughout the year. How does Sean keep doing it? Buy your tickets now before they’re gone at


International Reggae Day

Sunday July 1st. Diaries out & pens ready. Now. Because this will be a big day for all reggae fans. July 1st is International Reggae Day, “24 hours of celebration for reggae culture and its influence on Jamaican music. This event has a global media reach and is hosted in Kingston. The objective is to celebrate the best of Jamaican creativity and its worldwide impact. Celebrate International Reggae Day in your own way, by organising your own event in homage to the impact that Reggae music has. You could even have your own Reggae themed fundraiser and create a charitable event for the charity of your choice, or just celebrate by listening to a few of your favourite Reggae tunes. Enjoy!”

Central to the whole project is that it is not organized top down. Everyone is invited to get involved, to bring their own ideas to the occasion, to be inventive and original.

To get involved in International Reggae Day via Twitter, visit the hashtag #InternationalReggaeDay . In the UK, your first point of contact should

Check these links:

Follow Wha’Appen Jamaica for updates.

Tomorrow, Today Cultural Festival 2018



The ‘Tmrw Tday Cultural Festival’ kicks off again from 1st to 6th May 2018. Only in its second year, this festival has already created phenomenal momentum.

Imagine a high vibration festival lasting for 6 days! That’s ‘Tmrw Tday’, taking place on 7 miles of beach at Jamaica’s most westerly point, Negril.

Jamaica has a long history of aromatherapy, healing, herbal baths, herbal remedies and wellness soul therapies. This journey of consciousness and growth offers a global movement, attracting visitors from far and wide. Have we forgotten something? No!
Labrish and reasoning? Great music and dance? It’s all there for you!


At the festival there were numerous art and craft makers, health workshops, discussions around sustainable living, staying healthy, self-love as well as many other subjects all taking place over 6 days.

The Garden of Mary offered medicinal treatments, herbs, massage and alternative therapies. You could even put your feet up and freely enjoy a spliff.


On Irie Soul Beach, they offered yoga, meditation, cleansing and healing sessions, opportunities to gain inner peace, get a rejuvenating massage, even get your palm read.


If you wanted a more laid back sport, a game of dominoes was right up your street. More energetic sports were there for you, like athletics, cliff diving, cave swimming and a Rasta River Tour.


The enticing smell was smoking right there on the jerk pan, chicken, jerk prawns served with sides of bammy, festival, plantain or rice n’ peas instead. All fresh local food, seasoned and prepared by local cooks.

The delicious variety of vegan Ital food was unmissable. Platters of tropical fruit, tropical relishes and veggie platters, fresh from farm to table, served both raw or cooked. There was also a vegan take on Jamaica’s traditional red pea stew. The callaloo and coconut soup was also sensational. This was a first-time eating experience for many visitors!


Where ever you wandered at the festival you would hear the very best Jamaican music, played by local sound systems and radio DJs. Music included revival, conscious, reggae, lovers, Also hip-hop and soul. Best experienced at night!

Negril’s festival week is much more than Tyrone Taylor’s ‘Little Cottage in Negril’. When others were asked how they felt about the cultural festival itself, feedback included:

“Went last year. This event blew me away. Looking forward to watching this grow into something very special”

“This annual culture festival was a combination of all of the things I particularly love and enjoy!! Fitness, yoga, meditation, awareness speakers, consciousness events, food, music, dancing, tropical and local bevies, fun in the sun, good vibes and high vibration. I cannot wait until next year! So grateful to have been a part of it !! “

“This was an amazing event high vibration, so honored to be apart of it. I met Andrew at a wellness fare who loved my raw vegan burger. He actually invited me to the event and people loved it there as well.”


Negril is situated partly in Hanover and Westmoreland, approximately an hour drive from Sir Donald Sangster Airport in Montego Bay.

Tourist Information centre: Tel: (876) 929-9200-19.  Email:

DATE 1st to 6th May 2018.




Mary’s Garden is a must place to visit